Fluoroelastomer - Viton®

Also referred to as: VIT, Viton®, FKM, Fluorocarbon Brown/red or white (FDA) (Also could be Black, Green - molded o-rings)

Temperatue Range:-4 to 392oF (-20 to 200oC)

Use in: Tough sealing applications requiring extreme chemical resistance. O-Rings. Hydraulic seals. Pneumatic seals.

Description: An excellent elastomer for use in high temperature applications. Also exhibits excellent chemical resistance for use in harsh environments such as phosphate esters. Widely used in applications dealing with extreme temperature and/or extreme chemicals. It is suitable to use with all chemicals (exception - Skydrol, certain esters and ethers) makes it a popular elastomer in chemical processing, paper / pulp mills, various chemical, acid and solvent applications.

Characteristics: Rubber-like elastomer. Noticeably heavier than NBR. Dull, non-glossy finish. Smells like cinnamon.
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